DiePharmazie 11/2005


Original articles

Bodtke A, Otto HH: Synthesis and properties of chiral N,N-maleoyl derivatives and Diels-Alder reactions with cyclopentadiene

Reddy Pingili R, Reddy Jambula M, Reddy Ganta M, Reddy Ghanta M, Sajja E, Sundaram V, Bhaskar Boluggdu V: Identification and synthesis of potential impurities of rabeprazole sodium

Jingling Tang, Jie Li, Jin Sun, Jing Yin, Zhonggui He: Rapid and sensitive determination of indapamide in human blood by liquid chromatography with electrospray ionization mass spectrometric detection: application to a bioequivalence study

Alsarra I, Khalil NY, Sultan M, Al-Ashban R, Belal F: Spectrofluorometric determination of montelukast in dosage forms and spiked human plasma

Jouyban A, Rashidi MR, Vaez-Gharamaleki Z, Matin AA, Djozan DJ: Mathematical representation of analyte's capacity factor in binary solvent mobile phases using the Jouyban-Acree model

Gupta P, Bansal AK: Ternary amorphous composites of celecoxib, poly(vinyl pyrrolidone) and meglumine with enhanced solubility

Pourmokhtar M, Jacobson GA: Enhanced stability of sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim against oxidation using hydroxypropyl-ß-cyclodextrin

Jin SX, Bi DZ, Wang J, Wang YZ, Hu HG, Deng YH: Pharmacokinetics and tissue distribution of zidovudine in rats following intravenous administration of zidovudine myristate loaded liposomes

Chen Y, Deng YJ, Hao YL, Hao AJ, Zhong HJ, Wang XM: Uptake of liposomes by cultured cardiomyocytes

Mbah CJ: Physicochemical properties of valsartan and the effect of ethyl alcohol, propylene glycol and pH on its solubility

Yun Feng, Qian-Yu Zhao, Qiang Chen, Rui Wang: Vasorelaxant responses to endomorphin1[w] and endomorphin 2[w], analogues of endomorphins, in rat aorta rings

Jie Chen, Jiu-Hong Kang: Quercetin and trichostatin A cooperatively kill human leukemia cells

Balaban F, Ates-Alagoz Z, Buyukbingol E, Iscan M: Genotoxicity studies on benzimidazole retinoids

Melzig MF, Tran GD, Henke K, Selassie CD, Verma RP: Inhibition of neutrophil elastase and thrombin activity by caffeic acid esters

Prakasam A, Sethupathy S, Pugalendi KV: Modulating role of 'Saptarangi' (Casearia esculenta) on membrane bound ATPase in streptozotocin diabetic rats

Delazar A, Celik S, Göktürk RS, Unal O, Nahar L, Sarker SD: Two acylated flavonoid glycosides from Stachys bombycina, and their free radical scavenging activity