DiePharmazie 12/2000



Morgenstern, O.: Chemistry and biological activity of 1,3,4-benzotriazepines, part 3


Original articles

Pau, A.; Asproni, B.; Boatto, G.; Palomba, M.; Cerri, R.; Rimoli, M. G.; Filippelli, W.; Falcone, G.: Synthesis of substituted N-(4-piperidyl)-N-(3-pyridyl)amides with antiarrhythmic activity. Note 1

Moustafa, O. S.; Badr, M. Z. A.; Kamel, E. M.: Synthesis of new pyridoquinoxalines, thienopyridoquinoxalines and pyrimidothienopyridoquinoxalines

Habib, N. S.; Fahmy, S.; El-Khawass, S. M.; Abdel Aziem, T.: Novel thiazolinyl, thiazolidinonyl, thiadiazolyl and oxadiazolyl-benzotriazole derivatives with potential anti-inflammatory activity and minimum ulcerogenic effect

Reimann, E.; Erdle, W.: Intramolecular alkylation of aromatic compounds, XXXIV: Synthesis of pyridinylmethyl indolines as potential precursors of ergolines (in German)

Kolar, M., Dobcnik, D.; Radic, Nj.: Potentiometric flow-injection determination of vitamin C and glutathione with a chemically prepared tubular silver electrode

Zajac, M.; Musial, W.; Pawlowski, L.: Stability of cefotaxime sodium in solid state

Yanze, F. M.; Duru, C.; Jacob, M.: Process to manufacture effervescent tablets: air forced oven melt granulation

Dredán, J.; Fekete, R.; Zelkó, R.; Rácz, I.; Marton, S.: Effect of the wettability characteristics of polyethylene glycol derivatives on the drug release of wax matrices

Eder, M.; Mehnert, W.: Solubility and dissolution rate of digoxin from Digitalis lanata dry extracts (in German)

El Sayed, K. A.: Microbial models of mammalian metabolism: microbial transformation of naproxen

Hall, I. H.; Lackey, C. B.; Kistler, T. D.; Durham, Jr., R. W.; Jouad, E. M.; Khan, M.; Thanh, X. D.; Djebbar-Sid, S.; Benali-Baitich, O.; Bouet, G. M.: Cytotoxicity of copper and cobalt complexes of furfural semicarbazone and thiosemicarbazone derivatives in murine and human tumor cell lines

Stiz, D. S.; Souza, M. M.; Golin, V.; Neto, R. A. S.; Correa, R.; Nunes, R. J.; Yunes, R. A.; Cechinel-Filho, V.: Antinociceptive propterties of N-aryl-glutaramic acids and N-aryl-glutarimides

Catapan, E.; Otuki, M. F.; Viana, A. M.; Yunes, R. A.; Bresciani, L. F. V.; Ferreira, J.; Santos, A. R. S.; Calixto, J. B.; Cechinel-Filho, V.: Pharmacological activity and chemical composition of callus culture extracts from selected species of Phyllanthus

Bo Fu, Li Yang, Xiu-Ping Yang, Xin-Pu Li; Zhong-Jian Jia: New bisabolane sesquiterpenes from Ligularia songarica


Short communications

Balogh, E.; Csóka, G.; Dávid, Á.; Rácz, I.: Temperature dependence of the molality of some pharmaceutical solutions

Realdon, N.; Ragazzi, E.: Effect of operating parameters on the in vitro drug availability test from suppositories

Peneva, B.; Krasteva, I.; Nikolov, S.; Minkov, E.: Formulation and in vitro release of suppositories containing dry extract of Ruscus aculeatus L.

Nguyen, A.; Ramzan, I.: In vitro response of neuromuscular blockers after chronic carbamazepine treatment in rats

Sieja, K.: Protective role of selenium (Se) against the toxicity of multi-drug chemotherapy in patients with ovarian cancer

Podhaisky, H.-P.; Riemschneider, S.; Galgon, T.; Wohlrab, W.: How relevant is the application of antioxidants in order to avoid UVB-induced photodamages?

Galal, A.: Sesquiterpenes from Ferula hermonis Boiss