DiePharmazie 12/2002



Lee, J.: Formulation development of epidermal growth factor


Original articles

Lazewska, D; Kiec-Kononowicz, K.; Pertz, H. H.; Stark, H.; Schunack, W.: Piperidine-containing histamine H3 receptor antagonists of the carbamate series: the influence of the additional ether functionality

Ajitha, M.; Rajnarayana, K.; Sarangapani, M.: Synthesis of new 2-substituted-[1,3,4]-oxadiazino-[5,6-b]-indoles with H1-antihistaminic, antimuscarinic and antimicrobial activity

Fahmy, H. T. Y.; Bekhit, A. A.: Synthesis of some new bis-thiazoles as possible anticancer agents

Görlitzer, K.; Bartke, U.: Benzo[f]furo[3,4-c][2,7]naphthyridines from furo[3,4-b]-pyridines (in German)

Görlitzer, K.; Bonnekessel, Ch.; Jones, P.-G.; Kaufmann, G.: Unexpected formation of an estrone derivative from androsta-1,4-diene,3,17-dione (in German)

Rajnarayana, K.; Mada, S. R.; Vidyasagar, J.; Kishore, P.; Krishna, D. R.: Validated HPLC method for determination of chlorzoxazone in human serum and its application in a clinical pharmacokinetic study

Krishnajah, Y. S. R.; Murthy, T. K.; Sankar, D. G.; Sayanarayana, V.: A validated RP-HPLC method for the determination of mosapride citrate in bulk drug samples and pharmaceutical formulations

Erk, N.: Rapid spectrophotometric method for quantitative determination of simvastatin and fluvastatin in human serum and pharmaceutical formulations

Hjorth Třnnesen, H.: Solubility, chemical and photochemical stability of curcumin in surfactant solutions

Fathy, M.; Hassan, M. A.; Mohamed, F. A.: Differential scanning calorimetry to investigate the compatibility of ciprofloxacin hydrochloride with excipients

Kiep, L.; Maderner, S.; Seifert, K.: Metabolism of metamizol in early stages of the incubated hen’s egg

Kodym, A.; Bujak, T.: Physicochemical, micobiological properties and stability of ointments containing either aloe extract (Aloe arborescens Mill.) and aloe extract associated to neomycin sulphate

Mutalik, S.; Udupa, N.: Transdermal delivery of glibenclamide and glipizide: in vitro permeation studies through mouse skin

Krishnaiah, Y. S. R.; Satyanarayana, V.; Bhaskar, P.: Effect of limonene on the in vitro permeation of nicardipine hydrochloride across the excised rat abdominal skin

Ivanov, I. T.; Tzaneva, M.: Direct cytotoxicity of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in acidic media: model study on human erythrocytes with DIDS-inhibited anion exchanger

Guo-An Liu; Rong-Liang Zheng: Protection against damaged DNA in the single cell by polyphenols

Ahmed, B.; Al-Howiriny, A.; Mathew, R.: Antihepatotoxic activity of Phyllanthus fraternus

Hongyan Wang; Kwok-Min Hui; Suixu Xu; Yingjie Chen; Tze Fei Wong, J.; Hong Xue: Two flavones from Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi and their binding affinities to the benzodiazepine site of the GABAA receptor complex

Michael, H. N.; Salib, J. Y.; Ishak, M. S.: Acylated flavonol glucoside from Psidium gauijava L. seeds


Short communications

Jouyban, A.; Clark, B. J.: Describing solubility of polymorphs in mixed solvents by CNIBS/R-K equation

Bahrmann, P.; Sigusch, H. H.; Surber, R.; Figulla, H. R.: Oral antiplatelet therapies have no effect on circulating levels of RANTES in patients with coronary artery disease