DiePharmazie 12/2004


Original articles

Shafik, R. M.; Shams El-Din, S. A.; Eshba, N. H.; El-Hawash, S. A. M.; Desheesh, M. A.; Abdel-Aty, A. S.; Ashour, H. M.: Synthesis of novel 2-[2-(substituted amino)phenethyl]-1H-benzimidazoles; 3,4-dihydro and 1,2,3,4,-tetrahydropyrimido[1,6-a]-benzimidazoles as potential antiulcer agents

Richwien, A.; Wurm, G.: Inhibition of the arachidonic acid cascade by aza-2-aryl-1,4-naphthoquinone derivatives (in German)

Matthews, C Z.; Subramanian, R.; Woolf, E. J.; Foster, N.; Matuszewski, B. K.: Isolation and structural characterization of the photolysis products of etoricoxib

Mbah, C. J.: Kinetics of decomposition of irbesartan in aqueous solutions determined by high performance liquid chromatography

Hanna, G. M.: Nonequivalence behavior studies for the direct determination of enantiomeric purity and absolute configuration of timolol by NMR

Güngör, S. D.: Electrooxidation of cetirizine dihydrochloride with a glassy carbon electrode 

Jin Yi; Wu Chao; Mashaki, U.; Hideshi, N.; Yasunori, M.: Transdermal microparticle delivery by a supersonic-HeliosTM gun system 

Jouyban, A.; Fathi Azarbayjani, A.; Barzegar-Jalali, M.; Acree jr., W. E.: Correlation of surface tension of mixed solvents with solvent composition  

Krishnaiah, Y. S. R.; Bhaskar, P.; Satyanarayana, V.: In vitro percutaneous permeability enhancement of nimodipine by limonene across the excised rat abdominal skin

Viola, G.; Galbiati, E.: Mast cell – pituitary interaction: modulation by serine phospholipids 

Yang, Z. Y.; Liu, G. Q.: Effect of p-glycoprotein inhibitor combinations on drug efflux from rat brain microvessel endothelial cells 

Machavaram, K. K.; Gundu, J.; Yamsani, M. R.: Effect of various cytochrome P450 3A and P-glycoprotein modulators on the biliary clearance of bromosulphaphthalein in male wistar rats

Sahin, E.; Gümüslü, S.; Öztürk, O.; Abidin, I.; Yargiçoglu, P.; Agar, A.: Marked changes in erythrocyte antioxidants and lipid peroxidation levels of rats exposed to acute, repeated and chronic restraint stress 

Militao, G. C. G.; Albuquerque, M. R. J. R.; Pessoa, O. D. L.; Pessoa, C.; Moraes, M. E. A.; de Moraes, M. O.; Costa-Lotufo, L. V.: Cytotoxic activity of nepetin, a flavonoid from Eupatorium ballotaefolium HBK

Maksimovic, Z.; Dobric, S.; Kovacevic, N.; Milovanovic, Z.: Diuretic activity of Maydis stigma extract in rats

Min Yang; Chun-Ming Wang; Qi Zhang; Yi-Feng Han; Zhong-Jian Jia: Sesquiterpenes, lignans and other constituents from Saussurea macrota