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DiePharmazie 12/1995

Original articles

Burnham, B. S.; Chen, S. Y.; Sood, A.; Spielvogel, B. F.; Hall, I. H.: Synthesis and cytotoxicity of amine-borane adducts of cyclohexylamines and toluidines

Shaban, M. A. E.; Taha, M. A. M.; Nasr, A. Z.; Morgaan, A. E. A.: Synthesis of acyclo C-nucleosides: 3-Alditol-1-yl)-5-methyl-7-oxo-1,2,4-triazolo[4,3-a]pyrimidines

Hussein, A. M.; Atalla, A. A.; Kamal El-Dean, A. M.: Novel synthesis of pyridopyridazine, pyrrolopyridazine and some pyridazine derivatives

Niemyjska, M.; Lulinski, P.; Zadrozna, A.: New derivatives of 1-hydroxy-2-azetidinone

Simiti, I.; Oniga, O.; Zaharia, V.; Horn, M.: Hantzsch reaction intermediates as a mean to obtain bisthiazoles and 5-acetyl-bisthiazoles (in German)

Hadjipavlou-Litina, D.: QSAR of N2-phenylguanines as inhibitors of Herpes simplex virus-1 thymidine kinase

Buzinkaiová, T.; Skacáni, I.; Netriová, J.: Quantitative assay of verapamil in drugs and serum by capillary isotachophoresis

Shan-Yang Lin; Yih-Yih Lin; Ching-Li Cheng: Studies on the compatibility, efficiency and permanence of plasticizers on drug-free and drug-loaded Eudragit-E-films

Ammar, H. O.; Ghorab, M.; El-Nahhas, E. A.; Omar, S. M.; Ghorab, M. M.: Improvement of some pharmaceutical properties of drugs by cyclodextrin complexation, 4. Chlorpromazine hydrochloride

Ammar, H. O.; Khalil, R. M.: Effect of aromatic hydrotropes on the solubility of oxamniquine, part 1: Effect of sodium salts of hydroxy and amino derivatives of benzoic acid

Khopade, A. J.; Jain, N. K.: Self assembling nanostructures for sustained ophthalmic drug delivery

Samochowiec, J.; Kleinrok, Z.; Horodnicki, J.: The role of dopamine neurotransmission in ethanol dependence development and ethanol withdrawel in rats

Özden, S.; Kücükislamoglu, M.; Özden, T.: Determination of carboxylic acids in Consolida species by high performance liquid chromatography

Short communications

Kulinski, T.; Tkaczynski, T.: Synthesis of new 1-[3-(4-phenylpiperazinyl-1)propyl]-imidazolidine derivatives

Rzadkowska, M.; Tkaczynski, T.: Synthesis of new 1-aryl-2-imino-3-arylsulfonylimidazolidines and their pharmacological activity

Dimmock, J. R.; Vashishtha, S. C.; Stables, J. P.: Anticonvulsant semicarbazones: are aryl groups necessary for activity ?

Keckeis, A.; Schleuder, M.; Richter, P. H.; Jira, T.: Amidinohydrazones from substituted benzophenones as antiarrhythmics, part 8: Separation of (Z)- and (E)-isomers (in German)

Brandsteterova, E.; Krajnak, K.; Skacani, I.: HPLC analysis of urinary catecholamines using affinity SPE procedure

Unterhalt, B.; Baudner, S.; Langfermann, C.: Immunochemical determination of the sweetener thaumatin (Talin) (in German)

Sverlová, J.; Bezáková, Z.: Isotachophoretic analysis of stobadine and acyl derivatives of stobadine

Babincová, M.; Babinec, P.: Possibility of magnetic targeting of drugs using magnetoliposomes

Dolinska, B.; Ryszka, F.; Krupej, J.: The development and properties of lutropin suspension with zinc ions

García-Arieta, A.; Santiago Torrado; Torrado, J. J.: Influence of drug location on the release of coated pellets

Babincová, M.: Influence of ionic strength on polyethylene glycol induced liposome aggregation

Ryszka, F.; Krupej, J.; Dolinska, B.: Bioavailability and distribution of 125J osteocalcin in rats with experimental osteoporosis

Michailov, Y.; Abadjieff, W.; Hrsitov, A.; Kujumgiev, A.: Oxadin: a new chemotherapeuticum with antistaphylococcus effect

Jahodár, L.; Opletal, L.; Lukes, J.; Zdánsky, P.; Solichová, D.: A study on the anticholesterolemic and antihyperlipidemic effects of cabbage extracts and their phytochemical evaluation

Vaverková, S.; Tekel', J.; Hollá, M.: The effect of herbicides on the qualitative properties of medical plants, part 3: Content and composition of the essential oil from Melissa officinalis L.; after application of Basagran

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