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DiePharmazie 12/1997


Schulz, M.; Schmoldt, A.: Therapeutic and toxic blood concentration of more than 500 drugs

Original articles

Knabe, J.; Baldauf, J.; Ahlhelm, A.: Racemates and enantiomers of basic substituted 5-phenylhydantoins. Syntheses and antiarrhythmic activity (in German)

Görlitzer, K.; Ventzke-Neu, K.: 10H-Indolo[3,2-b]quinoline-5-oxide (oxyquindoline) and some of ist derivatives (in German)

Ragab, F. A.; Eid, N. M.; El-Tawab, H. A.: Synthesis and anticonvulsant activity of new thiazolidinone and thioxoimidazolidinone derivatives derived from furochromones

Scalia, S.; Bianchi, A.; Villani, S.; Guarneri, M.: Assay of underivatized azelaic acid in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products by HPLC

Molt, K.; Zeyen, F.; Podpetschnig-Fopp, E.: Quantitative Near Infrared Spectrometry used for the determinatiom of the content of sennosides in a phytogenic matrix (in German)

Peinhardt, G.: Radioimmunoassay for the determination of pholedrine

Subrahmanyam, C. V. S.; Sarasia, S.; Suresh, S.: Solubility behaviour of carbamazepine in binary solvents: Extended Hildebrand solubility approach to obtain solubility and other parameters

Jain, N. K.; Jain, S.; Singhai, A. K.: Enhanced solubilization and formulation of an aqueous injection of piroxicam

Ammar, H. O.; Ghorab, M.; El-Nahhas, S. A.; Makram, T. S.: Interaction of oral anticoagulants with methyl xanthines

Nosál'Ová, Benes, L.; Babul'ová: Gastroprotective effect of stereoisomeric cis- and trans-2-(1-pyrrolidinyl) and 2-(1-pyrrolidinylmethyl )cyclohexyl alkoxycarbanilates in rats

Plohmann, B.; Bader, G.; Hiller, K.; Franz, G.: Immunomodulatory and antitumoral effects of triterpenoid saponins

Short communications

Marek, M.; Opatová, H.; Voldrich, M.; Opletal, L.; Blunden, G.; Patel, A.; Dacke, C. G.: Enzymic preparation of deglucohyrcanoside

Atkosar, Z.; Altiokka, G.; Tuncel, M.: Pulse polarographic determination of nicardipine HCI

Babincovŕ, M.; Machová, E.: Influence of calcium on dextran induced liposome aggregation

Uppadhyay, A. K.; Omray, L. K.; Khopade, A.J.; Jain, N. K.: Studies on a reverse micelle-lamellar phase transition based depot preparation of rifampicin

Rauwald, H. W.; Maucher, R.; Niyonzima, D. D.: Three 8-C-glucosyl-5-methyl-chromones from Aloe barbadensis (Ph. Eur. 1997)

Liedtke, S.; Lorch, E.; Goedings, P.; Wichtl, M.: Isolation of ß-ecdyson and macranthosid I from roots of Helleborus niger subsp. niger (Ranunculaceae) (in German)

Kamperdick, C.; Tringh Phuong Lien, Sung, T. V.; Adam, G.: 2-Hydroxy-2H-1,4-benzoxazin-3-one from Scoparia dulcis

Helmstädter, A.; Staiger, C.: Aspects of the professional profile of German hospital pharmaceutics prior tor 1914

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